We believe each and every aspect of tourism is related to community and we should focus and plan tourism according to community.

Our community tourism development is focused on the Eco Tourism in Nepal and Sustainable Tourism where every level gets an equal say… and equal benefits. It’s a strategy which seeks to develop and smoothly run tourism at the community level and to enhance the 4A’s (Attraction, Accommodation, Accessibility and Amenities.

Community AspectEco Holidays Asia Also Known As Eco Holidays Nepal activities are based on local community; and promote local culture and ethics. We involve local people to operate our activities on their area, and are working to improve living standards of local peoples.  We believe that, as local people have specialist knowledge of their locality, culture, heritage and peoples, they must have a unique role in local tourism.

Local Prosperityin Eco Holidays in Nepal programs we take our guests to local homes to stay, and for at least one meal per day. We encourage and provide basic training to help villagers operate home-stays. Our guides and tour managers teach local women about foreign culture, and about visitors’ expectations.

EnvironmentDuring Eco Holidays in nepal trips we do not use any plastic bags, one-time use products or any products that are harmful for environment and nature. Guides and staff are specially trained in environmental management and we have garbage management system, taking back all our garbage to the city for safe disposal.